Wednesday, 6 August 2014


I struggle a bit with my skin, it's not awful but I take on-board all skincare advice that I get. I decided to pick this up a few months back after reading a post on Nouvelle Daily, I'd only ever tried some really cheap face masks (the kind you use for fun with your friends when you're 15 and probably do more harm for your skin than good!) and a couple from Lush which didn't seem to make much of a difference.

The main reason this mask stood out for me is because I have oily/combination skin and, as it is clay-based, it absorbs excess oils and regulates your oil production for a while after use, ultimately reducing blemishes. It also contains Avene's thermal spring water, which is found in most of their products and is the reason why this product is great for oily/combination skin, the thermal water hydrates the skin to keep the moisture in (oily skin needs moisture, too!), so it isn't drying like a lot of masks can be. This ingredient also reduces inflammation which calms angry spots and soothes sensitive skin - sounds like a miracle!

You apply it all over your face (like I need to tell you that) and you only need to leave it on for 5 minutes before it works it's magic, I normally put it on before a shower and then wash it off when I get in. When you go to rinse, Avene recommends you just wet your fingertips and massage the mask into your skin, letting the exfoliating particles smooth out your skin and slough away any dead skin cells before you wash it all away! This product leaves my skin looking mattified but also bright, soft and so so clean!

At £15 for 50ml, this is about the average price for a good quality face mask, and it certainly demonstrates good value for money. The bottle looks tiny but I still have loads left and I've found I've got quite a bit of use out of it! I would definitely recommend this for someone who has oily/combination skin like me, or if you have sensitive or dry skin I imagine that Avene's other thermal water products may be helpful for you. I would certainly repurchase this, however I have my sights set on another face mask to try out first! Watch this space!

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